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Can I Wear A Wig To Yoga

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A Chrysalis client doing “down dog” in a natural hair wig worn with a yoga headband.


At Chrysalis Custom Hair Chicago we frequently get asked if it’s ok to wear a wig to yoga. Yes, in many situations you can wear a wig to yoga but it depends on a number of different factors.

What kind of yoga do you practice?

There are so many popular kinds of yoga being practiced today. Bikram yoga and vinyasa yoga are both usually done in a heated or very hot setting and involve many poses that require you to be upside down. Hatha yoga is often recommended for women in cancer treatment because it involves gentler stretching and focuses on meditation rather than athleticism in a hot environment. Many cancer support centers offer free hatha yoga classes for women in cancer treatment.

The kind of yoga you practice dictates whether you can wear your chemo wig or not. Synthetic wigs are made from a form of plastic, which is reshaped by heat. Wearing your synthetic wig to a Bikram hot yoga class is not recommended. In Bikram yoga the room temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is kept very high as well. While wearing it on a hot day will not change the style, wearing it in these conditions may cause the style of your wig to change. Only a trained professional will be able to restyle your wig.

Human hair wigs also known as natural hair wigs can be worn to yoga with certain precautions. The less heat exposure, the longer your cancer wig will last. If you do wear your wig in heated yoga you will likely sweat and need to either wash the wig or use dry shampoo to absorb the sweat before going about your day.

Will my wig fall off if I wear a wig to yoga?

Again, it depends on the kind of yoga. Bikram yoga is designed to make you sweat and thus even the best fitting wig will likely slip off. We suggest to anyone doing “down dog” at all, whether in hot yoga or Hatha yoga, wear a yoga headband to ensure that their wig stays in place while practicing. Another great idea is to wear a halo with a little cap or scarf over it. That way your wig will stay dry and fresh for your post yoga activities. A yoga headband will keep the wig in place but will flatten out the front and you will have to do some styling after class. We have found that the best headbands for this are the ones that measure 3 ½ inches in width. They are easily found at any yoga boutique.

Yoga is a great way to help you feel better during your chemotherapy. It is also a wonderful way to regain strength after treatment. If you have any questions about doing yoga with a wig on or need help restyling your chemo wig please don’t hesitate to call us. Namaste!