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Wig Drying Rack- Avoid a Moldy Wig

After you’ve washed and conditioned your wig, it is crucial that you use a wig drying rack to ensure that you get the best results. Using the drying rack is an easy way to keep your wig both clean and in good shape, we recommend all customers to use one because we know how important it is to keeping your cancer wig at its best. It may seem simple enough to just lay the wig out to dry anywhere, but in doing so you risk actually ruining the hair and could end up having to replace it much sooner than necessary.

Why is A Wig Drying Rack So Important?

Not using a drying rack for your wig presents a few problems that could mean the difference between healthy, beautiful hair and an unusable product. A wig drying rack provides the proper ventilation that is required to fully dry. This air flow ensures that not only does the hair dry more quickly, but you also avoid the risk of growing mold or bacteria. If a wig is not adequately ventilated while drying, there are spots that will be damp for too long, which is the ideal breeding ground for these issues to present.

The chance of growing mold or bacteria can also be affected by the location you choose to dry in; bathrooms often have a very moist environment and closets or rooms with poor circulation are also not the best choice as these conditions will slow the drying process. The problems associated with prolonged dampness are easily avoidable with the proper maintenance. If you are using your wig drying rack after washing, your wig will dry fully and its quality will last.

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we always promote using the best care for your wig and provide a thorough care kit, including a drying rack, to ensure our customers satisfaction with their product. For any questions or concerns about our wigs please feel free to browse our website or contact us here