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Natural Hair Wig at the Beach

natural hair wig at the beachSpring is approaching, and so is spring fever, however you may wonder if you can enjoy this time of year with a natural hair wig at the beach. If you live in a warm climate, you’re probably anxiously awaiting the first day the temperature is right for a day trip to your favorite beach. If you live somewhere cold, chances are you’re craving a getaway as soon as possible.

Sunshine and vitamin D are good for the soul. If you are a woman currently struggling with cancer and going through cancer treatment, a little sunshine in your life is probably something you could really use right now. You may be asking yourself, can I wear my natural hair wig at the beach?

The simple answer: Yes! Of course you can enjoy the beach! Human hair wigs behave just like your biological hair, so there is no reason to feel like you can’t enjoy the sun and sand.

There are a few key things to be aware of with a natural hair cancer wig, though. If you wear a hat to shade from the sun, you may get an indentation from it. Nothing to worry about, though. Simply mist the wig with water and the dent will come right now. Don’t worry about wearing it damp it will dry quickly and you will likely have a natural looking beach wave.

Yes, your wig may cause you to get a little warm. If that’s the case, tie it back in a ponytail. Should you get any dents from the tie, use the same method to remove them as you would if you had been wearing a hat.

Another common worry is sunscreen. If you happen to get sunscreen in your hair you can just wash the part that got sunscreen in it with a little shampoo. To do this, dip the section in some shampoo water and remove any residue. Very easy!

There is absolutely no reason you can’t enjoy the things you love while you are wearing a natural hair wig. If you have questions about natural hair wigs at the beach, contact us, we’d love to help you! Then, go have some much needed fun in the sun!