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Bobby Pins with Wigs- Are they safe to use?

A common question you might have is whether or not it is okay to use bobby pins on a wig. You may want to style your chemo wig differently some days, or just to put it up for a while, as you would with normal hair. However, using bobby pins on wigs is not recommended.

Bobby pins run a high risk of damaging wigs. If used on synthetic wigs, the thin and rigid design of bobby pins can cause permanent dents in the thread of the hair, which will not be reversed even after washing. On human hair wigs, bobby pins will still catch as they would on any other hair, often taking threads with them when you pull the pins out.  You also run a very high risk of poking a hole in the cap of your cancer wig.  A tear of any kind must be repaired by a professional. Do not try to sew it yourself as it may cause further damage.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use clips in your wig, though. It is safe to use gentle barrettes and jaw clips to pin back sections of your wig, although it is best to bear in mind that the memory fiber used in synthetic wigs will resist styling. Try to choose clips made of plastic rather than metal, which will easily catch and damage hair, and, especially for synthetic wigs, choose clips that will hold the hair in a loose and soft grip.

Natural hair wigs offer a little more versatility in styling options. You can safely put them up in buns or ponytails using gentle elastic bands or plastic clips. Feel free to take a look at our YouTube channel  to find video tips and tutorials on how to style your wig for cancer patients without damaging it.

If you have further questions about styling or caring for your wig, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.