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Hair Growing Back After Chemo

hair growing back after chemo

Hair growing back after chemo: 18 weeks, 5 months, 9 months

You are probably both excited and anxious about your hair growing back after chemo. Once you’ve finished cancer treatments you may be waiting impatiently for your natural hair to return to normal.  It may have already started to come in, but it may be several months before you notice any real regrowth. As  you find your hair growing back after chemo, you will want to continue wearing your customized wig from Chrysalis Custom Hair until you have the confidence to be ready to wear your natural hairstyle again.

You’ll want to make sure your  chemo wig is securely attached to your head as your hair is growing in. Sometimes wigs will tend to slip a bit over new hair growth. If your hair is still short enough you can simply use a wig grip band under your wig. This will both keep your hair back and also keep the cancer wig in place on your head. Another option would be to wear a full nylon wig cap, although they may stretch out while you are using them and then can only be used once, so you’ll want to purchase the least expensive ones.  

You might notice you can see your natural hair through your custom wig. The best and most natural looking way to continue to wear your Chrysalis Custom Hair wig is to part the wig in the same place you part your natural hair style. By putting the part directly over where your biological hair part is located you will be allowing your scalp to show through your wig giving yourself the most natural look possible.

Many women decide they love their wig so much they want to keep wearing it even after their hair grows back. Their wig has become such a part of their daily routine, and they have become used to its care and convenience. Continue wearing your beautiful wig as long as you like, take great care of it and it will remain looking beautiful for years.