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Wig Slipping

Your wig is a good and faithful servant.  It has protected you through fearful times, and helped you look your best when you felt your worst.  But now your own hair is growing back. Your wig slipping when you least expect it can create unwelcome anxiety at a time when all you want is to focus on your healing.  Here’s what to do.

1. Understand the situation.  Your wig is designed to grip your head.  When your new hair comes between the wig and your skin, the grip is weakened, leaving your wig vulnerable to wig slipping. What you need is something that grips hair, not skin. What grips fine hair? Velcro, that’s what. Half of every Velcro fastener is fine plastic loops, the other half is tiny hook-shaped teeth. You’re going to use the teeth part.

2. Go to the fabric store (or send someone for you). Buy yourself 4 small Velcro squares, the kind sold for dressmaking and craft projects. If you have a choice, choose the most heavy duty available. Most already have glue on the back to help you stick it onto your wig.

3. Pick the side you need.  When you open the Velcro squares, pull one apart.  One side is made of tiny loops, and will feel softer and smoother than the other.  Throw that side away. Repeat with the other 3 squares.  You will have 4 small squares with smooth fabric on one side and a textured side made of flexible plastic hooks. These will grip your new hair and keep your wig in place.

4. Attach the Velcro to your wig.  Use the smooth sticky side of the first Velcro square, and attach it to the inside of the wig, just behind the lace line, if there is one.  If your wig doesn’t have a lace line, stick the square 1/2-inch inside the wig, above the center of where it meets your forehead.  Attach another square a 1/2-inch inside the center back of the wig, and one a 1/2-inch above each ear. You should notice improved stability immediately upon putting your wig on.

You are on an amazing journey of courage and strength.  This trick will help your healing be a time of peace, right down to your hair. Got questions? Let us know; we’re here to help.