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Wigs vs Hair Pieces -What’s the Difference

Wigs vs Hair Pieces What’s the Difference

As you prepare to enter chemotherapy you’re faced with myriad decisions, including what to do about your eventual hair loss as a result of your treatment: hairpiece, or wig?

The Basics

A hair piece covers a targeted area of hair loss. It is either weaved into the surrounding hair, taped to the scalp, or glued directly on.

A wig is a full head covering, crafted of either real hair or synthetic materials and customized for a simple fit over your scalp.

The Issues with Hair Pieces for Cancer Patients

Hair pieces might sound like an attractive option for managing hair loss as it develops. After all, they pair with your natural hair, covering up flaws instead of fully replacing everything at once. That isn’t a bad option for the average woman with minor hair loss, but for those in chemotherapy it is a liability.

Fragile skin is a common side effect of chemo. The pull of a hair piece against your scalp can irritate or even lacerate your skin.

Hair follicles weakened during chemo also aren’t the best anchor for weaved hair pieces, which can cause hair loss to accelerate. This undermines hair piece’s intrinsic purpose since it leads to early loss anyway.

Why Wigs

A real hair wig or synthetic wig minimizes irritation to your scalp. With our custom, personalized wig crafting, you’ll have a hair solution that looks close to either your original hair, or the specifications of a new style of your choosing.

Our wig makers specialize in wigs precisely because they’re the best choice for cancer patients. To learn more about having a custom wig prepared for your individual needs, contact the professionals at Chrysalis Custom Hair for a consultation.