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My Doctor Said to Cut Off My Hair!

Going through a battle with cancer is a journey that unfortunately many women have to face. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we understand that this is a very difficult time and we want to do our small part in helping you feel confident and beautiful along the way.

Some women have experienced the frightening suggestion from their doctor that they cut off  hair before they begin their chemotherapy treatment. With all due respect, we think that is silly! Why would you want to wear a hair style you hate for two extra weeks before you even begin to experience any chemo hair loss?

Your doctor has the right heart when he or she suggests that you cut off hair in advance. They don’t want you to experience the trauma of watching your hair fall out.  No matter what losing your hair is an unhappy situation.   Unfortunately, if you follow the doctors advice on this you will still have to endure your hair falling out, it will just be shorter hair. It would be great if medical professionals would stick to giving out medical advice and let hair experts give out hair advice.

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we make this process as painless as possible. BEFORE your hair begins to fall out, we create a custom wig that exactly matches your current hairstyle. That way, when it does begin to fall out and you are ready to take it down with a clippers, you have a seamless transition to your wig that looks identical to your natural hair. Carry on with your signature look and feel like yourself in a wig that was modeled after your biological hair.  You can walk around with confidence, knowing that others probably will not even realize you are wearing a wig.

For more information on getting a customized wig, contact us at Chrysalis Hair today.