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Shave Your Head- Does It Hurt?

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When you begin to lose your hair from chemotherapy it can be a difficult experience. Once it begins many choose to simply shave your head. We often hear concerns from our clients about the actual process of shaving; many ask whether we will do this for them, or if it causes any pain.

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we aim to make the process as safe and painless as possible while still providing you with beautiful hair because while we always want our clients to leave feeling confident and proud, we also would never want to cause any discomfort or introduce any risks to your health.

Will you shave my head?

We are glad to offer our clients the courtesy of providing a close-cropped “GI Jane” style cut. By buzzing your hair down with clippers, we avoid the possibility of nicking your scalp. Even small cuts in the skin may cause infection so we do not shave any clients with a razor; your health is always a priority.

Does it hurt?

To shave your head is a completely painless, in fact many clients tell us it actually feels good. The experience may also be liberating; in the hair loss process there is often a tugging sensation as the hair begins to release from the follicle. This can be a very uncomfortable feeling and getting past this part of your cancer journey can actually be a huge relief. We make sure the wig for cancer that you picked out is all ready colored and fitted properly before doing this so that you are only without hair for a couple seconds.

Whatever your choice is on how to deal with hair loss, Chrysalis Custom Hair will always do the best we can to make sure your experience with us leaves you as happy as possible.

Purchased on: Wednesday, April 19th, 2017