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Can I Make My Hair Into a Cancer Wig?

When your friend comes to you and tells you she has cancer, you want to do anything you can to make it better. You’d probably sacrifice just about anything to see her smile. A light-bulb comes on and you’ve got it, a great gesture: donate some of your hair to help make a wig for when her hair falls out during treatment.

While it is a beautiful gesture, it’s not actually that simple.

In reality, it takes an average of 6 hair donations to make a natural hair wig, all of which need to be the same texture, density and length, to create a cancer wig. After that is accomplished, the hair itself has to be processed so that it is all the same color, and each individual hair is facing the same direction (which helps make it look as natural as possible). After all of that, the process still isn’t over. The hair then has to be tied into a wig; a process, if done correctly, takes an average of 100 man hours to make.

Most women who are about to start cancer treatment don’t have the time to wait months on end for a cancer wig to be completed, though she surely appreciates your willingness to donate to the cause! While it is still a wonderful idea for you to donate your hair in general (you can still help another woman down the road!), a great way to encourage your friend is to go with her to help her find the right wig for herself.

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we have hundreds of cancer wigs in stock that can be customized immediately. You have the freedom to make the wig your own by adding highlights, layers, bangs – whatever it takes to make it look like your natural hair. Contact us to learn more about options, we’d love to help you feel as much like yourself as you can!