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Synthetic Wig at the Beach

It’s finally warming up in Chicago! You’ve made plans to head to the beach, but then it dawns on you, can you wear your synthetic wig to the beach? The excitement is suddenly overshadowed by worry, even though you’ve been excited to get out of the cold and head to your warm weather vacation. How will your wig hold up while you splash in the surf?

Well, worry no more. You CAN wear a synthetic wig to the beach there are just a few simple reminders about care and treatment of synthetic hair.

First, remember to protect your scalp while enjoying that warm sunshine. While in cancer treatments your skin will be even more prone to sunburn and a burn on your head will make wearing your pretty wig uncomfortable. One way to protect your scalp is to wear a light cotton sun hat over your wig. Keep in mind that the heat from your head and hat will probably cause an indentation in your wig. Because it is made of plastic fibers, heating and cooling the fibers will cause the wig to maintain the shape of the indentation, unless you’ve chosen a heat-resistant synthetic wig. The hair of your normal synthetic wig will not go back to its original shape on its own and you will need to take it to a professional to fix the indentations.

If you want to avoid the risk of causing permanent indentations in your synthetic wig you can wear sunscreen under your wig on your scalp, instead of a hat over your wig. This way you can enjoy laying on your beach towel or splashing in the waves without worrying about sunburn or damage to your synthetic wig.

Once you’ve come in for the day, you can easily shampoo the sun screen out of your wig by following the directions in your care kit. You’ll be happy you were able to wear your synthetic wig to the beach and can enjoy your sun-kissed, tan glow!

If you have any questions about what wig is right for your vacation please contact us, we’d love to help you choose with a personalized consultation.