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Comb Wig- Using A Wide Tooth Comb

It is important to know how to style your wig properly so that it does not get damaged, and with the right comb wig care becomes easier. While keeping your wig covered when you are in the wind helps prevent tangles, it will be necessary to smooth those strands at times. As you prepare to style your wig, use these tips to comb it gently.

Use a Wide Tooth Comb

A wide tooth comb is simply better than any other styling tool for gently removing tangles. With this type of comb wig hair is less likely to be torn from the cap, and it is perfect for both synthetic and natural hair. While it might be tempting to grab whatever you already have on the counter, nothing else will do. Stash a wide tooth comb in your purse so that you will always have one in a pinch.

Follow Proper Combing Rules

It is always best to style your wig when it is dry. This is because wet strands are more vulnerable to stretching. It is also important to comb your wig while it is on the foam head that was provided with your care kit for when you take it off. You can also secure it to a canvas block of you decided to get one. This is because it will move around if you try to comb it while it is still on your head. Once you get it on the form, use the pins that are in your kit to make sure the wig is secure before you begin to comb. As you comb, begin at the bottom and gently work through each tangle as you move toward the top. This helps to prevent damage to the wig cap.

Our professional wig stylists always use wide tooth combs, and we can even show you a few of our favorite ones. For more essential information on how to properly care for your new wig, contact us today.