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Wig Slipping Can Be A Good Thing

Sometimes your wig slipping is a good thing! Especially if it is because your own hair is starting to regrow. We are so happy that you have made it through your treatment and we are here to help with this mixed-blessing. One solution we have is to add hair clips to your wig. This is a complementary service we offer to clients who have purchased their cancer wig at Chrysalis Custom Hair.

Our wigs are created to stay fixed and secure with no hair underneath. This is what makes them such a good choice for women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. But when hair starts to grow again, the wig slipping can be because the new hair is so downy fine. You probably aren’t ready to debut your new hair just yet, so you need to make sure that your wig stays put for now. Sometimes the answer is sewing little clips into your chemo wig, and we are glad to do that for you.  Just give us a call, bring your wig back in, and we can attach clips in the front, back and either side. These clips attach to little strands of hair and help keep your wig in place. Once your hair grows back even further we have even more solutions for possible wig slipping.

This is just one way we can help you manage the transition from wig to natural hair. We have many other ideas on our blog including velcro, a wig grip band, or a wig liner. Search our website, or feel free to call us to discuss your options. We want to help in any way we can, and this is our specialty. This is a journey and we are here to help you along the road. Call anytime for a little advice.