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Blonde Wigs With Root Color

Blonde wigs with root color pose a special challenge because blonde shades are complicated. Only 1 in 20 Americans is naturally blonde, so if you are blonde chances are you are a “highlight blond” and you had highlights added to your natural color. To replicate that look a blonde wig has to mimic not only the color of your hair, and the distribution of the various shades, but also where the highlights start.

If you are this style of blonde your goal for a wig may be for it to look more natural by looking a little unnatural.  Natural in this case doesn’t mean what nature gave you, but similar to the hair you had before your treatment. Keep in mind highlights on your original hair color are added by hand, so they start a bit away from the scalp. They don’t start blonde because they didn’t grow in blond. A wig that has the same color coming right out of the wig cap won’t look the same. So what are the options for a wig color that takes this complex combination into account?

We offer a few choices.

  • Customized natural hair wigs. With a natural hair wig we can dye a wig to have darker roots, just like you had before. We use a tiny brush to hand paint the highlight, or the darker root, on each knot of hair so the cap isn’t stained.
  • Synthetic wigs with root color. Although we can’t custom color a synthetic wig, some of them come in a highlight blonde style with contrasting root color.
  • Human Hair wigs with root color.  Some natural hair wigs come with a bit of root color already added to make them look more realistic.

You definitely have options in root color to get your hair closest to what it was before. You may even decide that what you need most is a change. You have many choices and that why we consult with each woman individually to find what she wants and needs. Contact us today to see what options will work best for you.