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Wearing a Halo at the Beach

We often recommend wearing a halo at the beach instead of your natural hair wig or synthetic hair wig. A halo looks like a wig, but it is open at the crown instead of being fully covered with hair. This means that it must be covered with a hat or scarf. Wearing a halo to the beach offers several benefits over your usual natural hair wig or synthetic wig.

Increase Your Comfort At the Beach

Women cancer patients use this alternative to their usual wig because it is cooler. Wearing a halo at the beach or pool is much easier than your full wig which could be messed up by sand, sunscreen, and lake or ocean water.

Remember to Protect Your Scalp

Being able to wear a hat is a major benefit of wearing a halo. However, choosing the right hat is important for protecting your scalp. Avoid wearing sun hats with an open weave such as woven straw. These can leave tiny burn marks on your scalp.

Expect Indentations When Styling

Tying your hair back with rubber bands or wearing a tight hat may leave permanent indentations on your synthetic wig. However, this is nothing to worry about with halos since halos are inexpensive. In fact, women cancer patients find that being able to put their halo through a hat is a major benefit for their enjoyment at the beach.

Don’t Worry About Sunscreen Stains

During your trip to pool or beach, you might get sunscreen on your halo. That’s perfectly fine, and it will wash out when you are done with your trip. Since you will have your beautiful customized wig to wear for your evening you don’t need to worry about your wig while you’re relaxing at the beach or pool.

A halo gives you another tool to enjoy looking your best while protecting your favorite wig. To find out more about wearing a halo or wig care, contact us today.