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Wig Tape on a Cancer Wig

While battling cancer, your health is your first concern, but mention the word “chemotherapy” and a question quickly follows. Will I lose my hair? Will I wear a scarf? A hat? A wig? And if I wear a wig, what if it doesn’t stay on? You may imagine a wind coming along, carrying your wig away, and you running after it. To avoid that, you decide you’ll just play it safe. They sell wig tape for that, don’t they? Should you use tape to secure your wig?

In a word, NO, especially if you work with Chrysalis Custom Hair. Wig tape is not necessary and it may actually bring additional problems.  Here is why.

  • Your wig will fit. The first step in choosing a cancer wig is a personal consultation. We will work with you to find a chemotherapy wig that fits your personal appearance, fits your lifestyle, and fits your head. We will show you how to wear the wig and how it is secured. Take this time to share any worries you have about runaway wigs so our consultants can address these concerns and give you some much-needed peace of mind.
  • Our wigs do not need tape, and aren’t meant to be used with tape. Our wigs have a full mesh lining for security and comfort. Stretchy material and/or silicone is used to fix your wig firmly to your head.
  • Tape is not good for delicate skin. Chemotherapy can be hard on your skin, leaving it dry, itchy or sensitive. The skin on your scalp is no exception. Tape can not only irritate sensitive skin, but when the skin is fragile as well, it may actually remove it along with the tape, much like waxing removes hair when pulled off.  Ouch!  Avoid tape and make sure to drink plenty of water and moisturize your scalp with a doctor-approved lotion or cream to avoid dryness and irritation.

You have plenty of things on your mind, don’t let concern over your wig staying in place be one of them. Come talk to us early, so we can set these worries to rest and get you started in the process of looking and feeling as much like yourself as you possibly can. That’s why we’re here.