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When Should I Get Fitted for a Custom Wig?

The sooner you come in to get fitted for your custom wig, the better. A common misconception is that it’s easier to be fitted for a cancer patient wig after your hair has fallen out. In reality, though, it’s easier for us to make a copy of your hair — duplicating style, cut, and color — when it’s still intact. Also, custom wigs can take two weeks or sometimes longer to make. So the sooner we get started with matching your particular, personalized style, including color, cut, highlights and lowlights, the sooner it will be ready for you. And you can be sure that we’ll handle the entire process with special care so that your custom wig will be the way you want it.

What if I’ve already decided to wait?

There are lots of reasons why a woman will hold off on getting fitted for a chemo wig, and we honor whatever decision you’ve made. We’ll create the look you want by looking at a picture you’ve brought in, or even by looking at a style you select from a magazine.

What gives me more options — a wig made from natural hair or a wig made from synthetic hair?

Whether you choose a wig from natural or from synthetic hair, our goal is to provide you with a result that looks as natural as possible. However, while a natural wig provides you with total customization options, and a synthetic wig (from artificial hair) is for those who want a consistent, no-fuss solution, there are a variety of textures, fibers and/or techniques available so that your wig always has natural-looking features.

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we provide a collaborative, safe environment where we work together with the customer to create her own look. To book a one-on-one consultation please contact us.