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Do I Need to Wear a Wig Cap With a Cancer Wig

Many women going in to buy their first wig assume that they will also need to wear a wig cap underneath their wig.

What is a wig cap?

A wig cap is a flexible cap that can be worn underneath a wig for a variety of reasons. There are several different materials that wig caps are available in such as cotton, nylon and mesh. For women with hair, a wig cap is essential to flatten out and contain the hair so that the wig will sit properly on the head. For women with no or little hair, a wig cap can act as a protective barrier for a sensitive scalp when wearing a lesser quality wig. A wig cap will also help slippage for women with silky smooth hair hidden under the cap.

Do I really need to wear a wig cap?

A common complaint about inferior quality wigs are that they are itchy to wear, therefore making a cap necessary. But wig caps are hot and can be another unbearable layer especially during the hot summer months. They are also unnecessary if your cancer wig is made from quality materials and expertly crafted to begin with as you will not require any barrier between your scalp and your wig. Quality wigs should fit perfectly and be made from soft materials so that you need nothing under it.

Chrysalis Custom Hair wigs are designed to be worn by women undergoing cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation who have lost their hair. Our wigs are constructed from the finest, quality materials and have full mesh linings and felt ear tabs that will not irritate a sensitive scalp. Please contact us for a consultation in our private salon at our women-owned and operated company. We are always happy to answer questions. Call now!