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Custom Wigs Vs. Wig Shopping Online

“What’s the difference between a wig bought online and a custom wig from Chrysalis Custom Hair”?

We all know that it’s so tempting to buy items that are being advertised on the television, or online; after all, everything looks perfect on the screen. But how many of us have paid money for something, only to be sadly disappointed when it arrives, because the quality turns out to be sub-standard? It’s happened to all of us, and buying a wig is no different.

“But it looks so good in the picture!”

That may be true, but let’s keep a few things in mind. First of all, it’s an advertisement picture; the lighting is perfect, the makeup is perfect, any areas of concern (such as edges) may be purposely excluded from view. Furthermore, the wig that you see in the picture is fashioned and fitted specifically for the model who’s displaying it. This is problematic for the simple reason that every head is shaped differently; the wig may turn out to be loose in a certain area, or it may be tight. It may be unrealistically thick and look like… well, a wig. Simply put, far too many specifications go into a well fitted custom wig than can be accommodated over the internet.

“So, how do I get a custom wig?”

Our team at Chrysalis Custom Hair designs high-quality custom wigs for women undergoing cancer treatments; because we know that in the midst of treatments and ongoing medical procedures, women still want to look their best. We personally fit our wigs to the size and shape of each client to ensure the maximal comfort, and a realistic look. We also can reduce hair thickness, add layers, trim, move parts, adjust the color, and more; because that’s what custom means!

There’s no comparison between our service and that of an online store. Come see for yourself!