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Sleep in a Wig?

Many women who wear fashion wigs choose to sleep in a wig in order to maintain a seamless appearance, night and day. However, this blog explains why women with cancer wigs aren’t able to sleep in their wigs. As much as you may want to, it is best to sleep without it.

When someone is going through chemotherapy their skin is especially sensitive and prone to dryness. During cancer treatment, people need to be extremely careful to avoid infection from cracked dry skin. Because of this, we need to fix cancer wigs in place with a stretchy wig cap or silicone instead of tape and glue.

If you sleep in a wig, your cancer wig could easily fall off and sleeping on it could damage it. To keep your wig in good condition, keep your scalp healthy, avoid infection, and have a perfect wig to put on first thing in the morning, it is best to sleep without your wig. Many women in cancer treatment who have lost their hair find that sleeping in a “sleep cap” keeps them comfortable at night. Your scalp has never been exposed air conditioning and man made climate controls can make your head very dry and cold.

A big bonus to this is that your wig is ready to put on when you get out of bed. You can certainly style it each day as you desire, but you won’t wake up to a tangled wig. Not sleeping in your wig will also help it last longer and keep it in the best condition possible.

If you are in the market for a cancer wig, at Chrysalis Custom Wigs we specialize in helping women find the right wig while they go through cancer treatment. We care about your process and want to help in any way possible. For more information, contact us at Chrysalis Custom Wigs today.