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Dye a Wig Myself?

Many women love to change their hair often—and we agree! It’s fun! But if you are wondering, “Can I dye a wig myself?” read on before trying something you will regret!

Not all wigs are created equally and at Chrysalis Custom Hair we make the highest quality wigs. The answer to the coloring question is found in the process of how we make our wigs. Our natural wigs are comprised of up to 6 ponytails of human hair and then they are all treated and dyed to be the same color and tied together into the wig. Synthetic wigs can not be colored at all. They are made from a form of plastic and will melt if exposed to the chemicals in hair dye.

If you attempted to dye a wig with dye from a box, you would end up dying the wig cap. The appearance would be shocking to say the least. For example, if you tried to dye your hair red, it would just look like you had a red scalp and the hair itself may pick up only a slight amount of the color, or even turn more of an eggplant color. Not what you were going for!

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we work on our own wigs to get you the color of hair you want. We understand having the right color of hair will increase your confidence as you wear your wig and go through treatment. We want you to look your best because the last thing we want is you worrying about the authenticity of your look when you need for focus on your health and recovery.

So before you take that box of dye to your wig, contact us today at Chrysalis Custom Hair. We can help you get the hair color you want for your wig.