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Are Human Hair Wigs Hot?

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If you are shopping for a wig for yourself or a loved one, you may have heard the rumor that human hair wigs are hotter than synthetic hair wigs. Well we are here to bust that myth in this blog post. One reason people think human hair wigs are hotter is generally people who want a long wig choose to go with natural hair. People who want a shorter wig often go with synthetic hair. So it is a classic example of correlation, not causation.

Think of different ways you have worn your hair throughout the years, or even how your friends have styled their hair over the years. There is a reason why so many women cut their hair short when they are pregnant or over the summer—long hair is just hot! So there you have it. It isn’t a human hair wig that is hot. Simply, long wigs are hot, just like your natural hair would be hot if you wore it long. Keeping yourself cool when you have long hair means putting it up in a ponytail or up-do or just grin and bear it for the sake of looking good.  This is true of natural hair or any long wig.

So as you make a decision on what kind of cancer wig you want to get and how you want to style it, don’t let heat be a concern when deciding between human hair and synthetic hair. That is just a myth! If you have questions about any more wig myths you have heard, contact us today at Chrysalis Custom Hair.