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Lace Front Wig Tear

If you wear a cancer wig, you are probably familiar with the lace front and how it helps make the wig look more natural. The lace front makes the hair appear to be coming out of your scalp. It is extremely important to always adjust your  chemo wig only in the ways shown to you by professionals. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we make sure each client knows how to adjust their cancer wig in a way that protects it from damage. To move the hair backwards gently pull the fabric beneath the hair and drag into position. If you go too far back just take it off and start over rather than tugging at the lace fronting to try to pull it forwards.

If you adjust your wig from the lace front, you may find yourself in this position, asking what to do now that the lace front is torn. There are a few options, so don’t worry just yet. One route that may be an option is contacting a professional wig shop to sew the tear, and then moving the part with the tear so it won’t be as visible. If necessary, we will do this kind on repair only on custom wigs we have made, essentially moving the tear to where it can’t be seen.

The other—and more costly—option is to replace the entire lace front.  If you do accidentally tear it, it can potentially be repaired. It would need to be sent to a specialist and can be very expensive and can take weeks until it will be returned to you. It is best to just be extremely careful with your wig for cancer patients and not tug at the lace front of your wig at all.

For more information on custom wigs for cancer patients, contact us at Chrysalis Custom Hair today. And to read some inspiring stories from our clients and amazing before and after pictures, click here.