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Coconut Oil to Moisturize Your Scalp

Are you looking for a way to moisturize your scalp while you wear your chemo wig? Maybe you have considered coconut oil. By now, everyone has heard about the wonders of coconut oil. This miracle food seems to make everything better. From putting coconut oil on your face to adding it to your stir fry, coconut oil can do anything. You’ve undoubtedly heard that coconut oil makes your hair magically soft and shiny. So does this mean that you should use coconut oil to moisturize your scalp? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. While coconut oil will moisturize your scalp, it can ruin your wig. You should not use coconut oil on your scalp at all if you intend to wear a wig. The coconut oil will seep into your pores and will get into the wig once you put it on even if you wash your head first.

There are many ways that coconut oil can wreak havoc on your cancer wig. First, coconut oil is very greasy. Once it comes into contact with the wig, it will create a sticky mess which will be very difficult to remove. The process to get the oil out can compromise the integrity of the wig. The oil will also affect the knots of the wig. If the oil gets into the knots, the knots will become very slick. Once the knots are slick, pieces of hair will start falling out of the wig. Needless to say, coconut oil is very hard on wigs and should be avoided!

We understand that using a moisturizer on your scalp is sometimes necessary, but coconut oil should never be an option. Instead, try lightly applying your normal face moisturizer to your scalp. Just be sure to wait 30 minutes after applying the moisturizer before putting on your wig.

If you have any questions about caring for your wig, contact Chrysalis Custom Hair to talk to a specialist.