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Curlers on a Human Hair Wig

curlers human hair wig
Most women like to wear their hair in different styles for different occasions. It’s just fun to switch up your look and be able to wear your hair different ways. If you wear a wig for cancer patients, you might think you are more limited on the hair styles you can do but actually there are lots of ways you can style your wig. If you want to wear your hair curly, here is a little how-to on wet setting your natural hair wig.

If you don’t have some already, go out and buy some curlers—yes, like the big pink ones your grandma used to use. These are actually the safest and least damaging way to curl your wig. You will need to begin the styling process the night before you want to wear your hair curly. Get your wig wet and then towel dry the hair. Set the curlers in the damp hair and let it dry overnight. Another option is to take 8-12 sections of hair, twist them, and then clip them at the bottom.

The next morning, take out the clips or curlers. Use your fingers to separate the curls. And voila! You have beautiful curls and a fresh style in your cancer wig. You will probably find your human hair wig actually holds curl a lot better than your bilogical hair did. This is because your wig doesn’t have the oils that your hair would. You won’t even need to use hairspray to keep the curls in place. If you do want to use a bit of  hairspray make sure to spray the hairspray onto your fingers and then apply it to the curls rather than spray it directly onto the wig. Spraying it onto the wig will encourage dirt to stick to the hair and you will have to wash it more frequently.

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