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Lace Wig Makeup: How to Blend and Clean

A quality custom wig restores confidence, self-esteem, and helps to make you look and feel like the old you. One of the first concerns expressed by women when choosing a wig is how natural the piece will appear. While there is a large selection of fibers and custom designs available which raise the standard and quality, there are steps to ensure that your wig looks completely natural.

The lace fronts on most wigs are a nude color, but everyone’s skin tone is not the same. One quick way to increase the natural appearance of your look is to make the wig a part of your makeup routine. Take the time to blend in the lace front of your wig to help mask where your wig starts and your forehead begins.

Apply your makeup as you typically would then, using a fluffy brush, powder over the lace and gently blend in. The same powder you use on your face can help conceal the lace front of your cancer wig.

After a short while you may find that the make up has darkened the lace on your chemo wig. It will be necessary to clean the lace once a week, but that is a quick and easy process. Just place a folded up dishcloth right under the lace gently dab with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will release the makeup from the lace and allow the dishcloth to absorb it. The best part is that this technique is safe on both human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.  Do try to get the alcohol only on the lace and not on the hair itself. We wouldn’t want your hand painted color to fade.

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