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Cancer Wig Thanksgiving Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to keeping your cancer wig looking fabulous over the Thanksgiving season.

 1. Cooking Do’s and Don’ts

Preparing the thanksgiving meal can be stressful enough, so be sure to use caution when wearing your wig and cooking in order to avoid any mishaps. When opening a hot oven while wearing a synthetic wig, watch out for the blast of heat that will singe your hair. Also, use caution when standing over a steaming pot or dish. The steam could misshape your style and cause other irritations to your wig. If your cancer wig is made of human hair, just pull it back while you are cooking to avoid any surprises when you bite into your casserole or pumpkin pie.

 2. Keeping Your Wig Fresh and Clean

More often than not your hair will absorb the smell of whatever you are cooking, leaving you smelling like a part of the dinner yourself. You can fix this easily by giving your wig an extra wash, no worries! You shouldn’t wash your wig too often, but a little extra wig washig every once in a while won’t do you any harm. Once you are all clean again, you will be all set to enjoy the fruits of your labor with the ones that you love.

 3. Thanksgiving Hairstyle Ideas

Want to change up your look for the occasion? Try spicing up your wig with a fancy braid or up-do, which will keep your hair out of your face, while still looking fabulous.  

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