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Wear a Wig in Snow

Winter is here and in Chicago that means snow. If this is your first winter wearing a cancer wig, you may be concerned how your wig will be affected. But don’t worry, you can wear a wig in snow without ruining your wig.

If you go out in the snow, your wig will get wet. But it will dry. How your wig reacts to the weather will depend on what type of wig you have. If you have a synthetic wig, the wig will quickly bounce back to its original shape once it has dried. This is due to the memory fibers that are a part of the wig. If you have a natural hair wig, there will be a little work involved in getting the hair back to its original state after you wear a wig in snow, but no more so than your biological hair. As you know, wet hair can become flat and droopy. Once you get to your location, all you need to do is step in the restroom and restyle your hair.

If you are looking to avoid redoing your hair, there are a few ways to prevent your hair from getting wet. The first option is to wait until you get to your desired location to put the wig on. Find a cute hat to wear on your trip and keep your wig in a ziplock bag. Once you arrive, pop into the ladies room and put on your perfectly dry wig. Another option is to wear a hat over your wig and tuck the long hair into your coat. This should help keep your hair dry. Finally, some women find it convenient to wear a halo for running errands while it’s snowing. A halo is a partial hairpiece. Wearing a halo allows you to keep your “nice hair” safe and dry for when you want it looking nice.

No matter how you choose to protect your hair, Chrysalis Custom Hair is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your custom wig needs.