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Radiation Hair Loss

If you have just received a cancer diagnosis, as a woman, one thing you will probably begin to worry about is the loss of your hair, perhaps through radiation hair loss. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, our sole mission is to help women like you maintain a sense of normalcy throughout their treatment—feeling beautiful and confident in a wig that matches your normal hair.

We want to let you know what your options are when dealing with radiation hair loss. If you have radiation on your breast or another part of your body, you actually won’t experience hair loss. If your doctors decide chemotherapy is a necessary part of your treatment, you may experience hair loss then.

However, if you do have to receive radiation treatments on your head, you will experience hair loss. Not only does the radiation cause hair loss, but your doctors will want to keep the area around the radiation site shaved so they can accurately pinpoint the area that needs radiation.

If this is the case for you, we can create you a beautiful  cancer wig that matches your hair so you don’t have to feel self-conscious about the hair loss.  And the best part is we can make you a wig that allows you to keep your remaining hair while covering up the place on your head that is getting radiation. With radiation hair loss, it isn’t an option to use a topper that clips into your hair to cover the bald spot because your radiation site may be tender. Our custom wigs are designed with that in mind.Our wigs are so gentle that, for most, the do not cause any irritation on the spot that’s receiving the radiation treatment. We customize both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs specifically for women in cancer treatment.

For more information on radiation hair loss and custom wigs from Chrysalis Custom Hair, contact us today at our wig shop for the Chicago land area.