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Red Wigs are Difficult but Challenging

Red Wig

                               Before and After Super Vibrant Red

Red wigs are a challenge for wig makers to get right. Women with naturally red hair or dyed red hair love to wear it loud and proud. It is unique and beautiful. But when it comes to creating a red chemo wig that matches your hair color, it’s only natural to be a little skeptical.

But if you have dyed red hair and want a custom wig from Chrysalis Custom Hair, we are up to the challenge of matching your wig to your hair color so your friends and family won’t even be able to tell the difference. We know your brilliant hair is your trademark and it’s important for you to keep it to maintain some normalcy through your treatment process.

As a general rule we use our own dyes that we know are gentle enough to be used on wigs. But in some cases, we will use your at-home color if it is something truly unique. With a past client with bright red hair, we carefully tested her at-home dye on the European hair wig to make sure it would take the color properly and not cause any damage. When we tried a test swatch of the at home dye it came out the wrong color.  We had to formulate a whole new color using colors like purple and green to reproduce the unique red that she liked. Then we had to go over it 8 times for it to come out as vibrant as she wanted.  Then when she came in we cut the wig and styled the wig it to match her natural hair. This client is one of our favorite success stories—she couldn’t even tell apart her before-and-after photos!

At our wig store, Chrysalis Custom Hair, we care about you and providing you with a wig that boosts your confidence and helps you feel like yourself. For more information about red wigs or any other questions about our process, contact us today.