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Buy A Wig Online

Buying a Wig Online vs. A Wig Shop


You Get to See and Feel Your Wig Before You Buy It

Have you ever bought a shirt online, only to have it delivered and think, “this looks nothing like it did online”? Unfortunately, if you buy a wig online, the odds are you will be saying the same thing about your wig. But why’s this? For starters, just like we custom fit your wig to fit your head, online retailers fit their wigs to fit the model’s head. But while the wig fits the model perfectly, the odds of it fitting your head just as perfectly are pretty slim. Online retailers also take the time to select the perfect color for the models skin tone. This is important, you want to buy a wig that complements your skin tone, not the models. This matching can only be done by trying on a wig in person.

In addition to these tools that will make the wig look good in person, there are also some tricks that will make the wig photograph well and really shine online.  These companies hire professional stylists, photographers, and editors to make sure the wig looks perfect. Photoshop can do wonders!

Personalized Fit

If you buy an average wig online, you are buying a wig that is one size fits all, or at best, small, medium, or large. This makes getting a good fit almost impossible. But why is fit so important? Fit is one of the most important factors that makes a wig look natural. An awkward part or a hairline that is too high or too low will scream WIG.

With a Chrysalis Custom Hair cancer wig, our stylists fit your “hair” to the shape and size of your head. You will try the wig on many times to ensure that it looks just right. If something’s not right, our stylist can make hand sewn adjustments. When you buy a wig online, you can’t really know how the bangs will fall. If you buy a Chrysalis Custom Hair wig, you decide how your bangs will fall, how much layering there is, and where the part should be.

Quality Materials

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we offer both natural hair and synthetic wigs. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure not only the best appearance, but also the highest level of comfort. When you look to save a little money by buying an online you take on a high risk that the wig won’t look or feel right. These wigs are often made of inferior products and are many times too dense, making the wig look, well, “wiggy”. On top of the appearance, these materials are often quite itchy.


Your wig is an investment. You want to purchase a wig that looks natural and makes you feel confident when wearing it. If you are going through cancer treatment, contact us for a free no obligation consultation.