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Shop for a Wig

Cancer can try to steal your sense of beauty, but nothing can truly take your beauty from you. Beauty is so much more than a certain body type, skin color, complexion or hairstyle. Beauty is about inner confidence and the belief that you are valuable and lovely. Finding a good wig for cancer patients is about more than feeling beautiful, it’s about getting the color, style, and fit that you want, and feeling good when you put your wig on. It’s about comfort and getting what you asked for. However, when you shop for a  wig that you want, keep in mind that wigs are also called units, cranial prosthesis, and pieces. It can become a little confusing. When it comes to finding the best that you deserve, you need a custom fitted wig designed for women cancer patients. It is intimidating to even start to shop for a wig or head covering because of the sheer amount of information and options available. The options are so overwhelming that it might feel easier to skip the process altogether but an appointment in our wig store, or even a phone call, will help put your mind at ease. If you’re unsure about the process or hesitant to call, keep in mind that wearing a wig is an exciting opportunity to branch out and try something new, to restore confidence and help you feel like yourself again, and to protect your newly exposed scalp from the elements and other potential irritants.

synthetic wig

                                                A happy client in her new synthetic wig

Beautiful hair takes time, as do beautiful wigs, so give us a call or make a no-obligation appointment with us today to talk about options and remember, we’re here for you: to help you find the right color, length, style and fit.