Curly Cue

  Curly hair is not something that’s easy to find when looking for wigs.  Some women that feel like they’ve been battling their curls all their lives and are thrilled at the idea of finally getting to wear their hair straight. For women that love their natural curl or want their exact look copied so […]

Is Washing a Wig the Same As Washing Your Hair?

This is a question that we are asked on a regular basis.  Wearing a wig is very similar to your actual hair in many ways, but a wig needs special care when it comes to washing. Washing your wig is much like hand washing a delicate fabric.  Because it is so different than what women […]

We now have videos!

We have been busy this summer!  We’ve been getting feedback from women asking for more help with hair care and styling once they bring their wig home.  In response we’ve started making How To videos to help provide more information.  Here’s the first video in our new series – Wig Styling and Care Presented by […]

Meet Our Wig Giveaway Winner

Meet Gabby our Wig Giveaway Recipient. Chrysalis Custom Hair, Chicago’s wig boutique for women in cancer treatment, ran a lottery contest giving away a wig and resulted in a photo shoot from Melissa Song Photography.  Meet Gabby – our wig giveaway recipient. I swear I had no idea she was so young and beautiful when […]

Why Is Wig a Bad Word?

If you’re about to lose your hair from cancer treatment what you need is a wig, not a unit, not a piece, not a cranial prothesis. We in this business have been instructed never to call a wig a wig. What you see below is a synthetic wig that was personally styled for this client. […]

Just Women, Just Cancer, Just Hair

We claim to see Just Women, Just Cancer, Just Hair.  Twice in the last 24 hours I’ve been tested. What’s more important, standing by what we do or making sure that all of our appointment slots are full?  We’re a new business; it’s our first 6 months. However, the little voice in my head said, […]

Welcome to the Chrysalis Custom Hair Blog

Kimberly JohnsonOwner of Chrysalis Custom Hair Chrysalis Custom Hair is Chicago’s only wig boutique exclusively dedicated to helping women undergoing cancer treatment.  Experiencing hair loss during this difficult time is traumatic. We would like to help. Our goal is to help you find the perfect wig for you. Then we customize it so that it […]