Natural Human Hair Wigs

When you are looking for a beautiful wig that fits you perfectly, nothing compares to the natural hair wigs offered at Chrysalis Custom Hair. These natural-looking wigs can be cut, colored, highlighted or curled in such a way as to mimic the look of your original style. Fully customizable to your preferences, our natural human hair wigs let you enjoy a comfortable, attractive hairstyle that helps you feel confident and beautiful.

What Are Natural Hair Wigs?

In today’s market, there is some confusion about natural wigs, what they are and what qualifies for the description. That’s why, unfortunately, just because something is called “natural” doesn’t mean it’s real human hair. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, our natural human hair wigs are always made from real human hair, guaranteeing a higher level of quality. When you want wigs for cancer patients that can be styled and treated properly, these wigs are the best choice. Read our blog to find more information about human hair wigs.

What Are the Benefits of These Natural-Looking Wigs?

The biggest benefit of natural wigs is that they’re made of real human hair. Available in various colors and textures, these wigs offer unbeatable quality. They can be styled just like human hair, and they can be professionally colored to give you just the hue you like. Even better, when you select the natural-looking wigs from Chrysalis Custom Hair, you enjoy the highest-quality wigs that have been carefully chosen to guarantee you get a beautiful style.

What Goes Into Caring for a Natural Hair Wig?

While you can use heat, style and color your natural wig just like you would your own hair, there are some good practices to keep in mind for best care. First, you need to use the right brush — either a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush. Avoid bristle brushes and round brushes. Likewise, you will want to only brush your wig when it is dry to avoid breaking the strands.

Are you interested in learning more about the natural human hair wigs we offer at Chrysalis Custom Hair? Contact us anytime to talk about the possibilities for you!

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