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Valentine’s Day Hair for Your Wig

Valentine’s Day is a day where many women want to get dressed up and feel special. It’s the perfect occasion to pull out that little black dress and get dolled up. And as any woman knows, the perfect accessory for your outfit is a beautiful hairstyle. Natural hair wigs can be worn just like your […]

Radiation Hair Loss

If you have just received a cancer diagnosis, as a woman, one thing you will probably begin to worry about is the loss of your hair, perhaps through radiation hair loss. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, our sole mission is to help women like you maintain a sense of normalcy throughout their treatment—feeling beautiful and confident […]

Wig Shop for Cancer Patients

A woman experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy has very different needs than a woman who wants to change-up her look with a new hairstyle. They may both be shopping for a wig, but they should not be shopping in the same place. Not every wig shop is the same. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we carry exclusively wigs for cancer patients. What […]