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Curlers on a Human Hair Wig

Most women like to wear their hair in different styles for different occasions. It’s just fun to switch up your look and be able to wear your hair different ways. If you wear a wig for cancer patients, you might think you are more limited on the hair styles you can do but actually there […]

Human Hair Wigs: What Kind of Brush is Best

Since getting your new wig, you have been getting compliments and feeling extra beautiful lately. Yet, now you find yourself wondering, “what kind of  wig brush do I use on my human hair wig?” This is the kind of question we like to hear because the natural strands of human hair wigs do require different combs and […]

Curly Cue

  Curly hair is not something that’s easy to find when looking for wigs.  Some women that feel like they’ve been battling their curls all their lives and are thrilled at the idea of finally getting to wear their hair straight. For women that love their natural curl or want their exact look copied so […]