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Wig Drying Rack- Avoid a Moldy Wig

After you’ve washed and conditioned your wig, it is crucial that you use a wig drying rack to ensure that you get the best results. Using the drying rack is an easy way to keep your wig both clean and in good shape, we recommend all customers to use one because we know how important it […]

When to Brush or Comb Your Wig

Proper care and maintenance is incredibly important when it comes to keeping your wig looking and feeling amazing; a huge part of this care includes knowing how and when to brush or comb your wig. This applies especially to dealing with your cancer wig when it is still wet, as the hair is especially fragile before it […]

Argan Oil on Natural Hair Wigs

Caring for a human hair wig means providing moisture for the hair. Hair that is naturally growing has its moisture needs met with the oils produced by the scalp. It is necessary to moisturize wigs with a lightweight, natural oil. Argan oil is perfect and should be the only moisturizer used.  Although many natural hair care advisers […]