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Red Wigs are Difficult but Challenging

Red wigs are a challenge for wig makers to get right. Women with naturally red hair or dyed red hair love to wear it loud and proud. It is unique and beautiful. But when it comes to creating a red chemo wig that matches your hair color, it’s only natural to be a little skeptical. […]

Add Root Color on Wigs

When wearing a chemotherapy wig from Chrysalis Custom Hair, you want it to look as natural as possible. Ideally, no one would even be able to tell you are wearing a wig. We pride ourselves in our ability to match a client’s wig to their natural hair. But this process becomes a little more involved […]

Blonde Wigs With Root Color

Blonde wigs with root color pose a special challenge because blonde shades are complicated. Only 1 in 20 Americans is naturally blonde, so if you are blonde chances are you are a “highlight blond” and you had highlights added to your natural color. To replicate that look a blonde wig has to mimic not only the color of your hair, […]