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Cancer can try to steal your sense of beauty, but nothing can truly take your beauty from you. Beauty is so much more than a certain body type, skin color, complexion or hairstyle. Beauty is about inner confidence and the belief that you are valuable and lovely. Finding a good wig for cancer patients is […]

Buy A Wig Online

Buying a Wig Online vs. A Wig Shop   You Get to See and Feel Your Wig Before You Buy It Have you ever bought a shirt online, only to have it delivered and think, “this looks nothing like it did online”? Unfortunately, if you buy a wig online, the odds are you will be […]

Sharing Wigs With Friends

As women, we love to exchange clothes and accessories with our friends. We know that we can always find the perfect piece to finish the outfit hanging in our besties closest. So it’s only natural that when your best friend compliments you on your caner cancer wig, your first instinct is sharing wigs with friends.  […]

Custom Wigs Vs. Wig Shopping Online

“What’s the difference between a wig bought online and a custom wig from Chrysalis Custom Hair”? We all know that it’s so tempting to buy items that are being advertised on the television, or online; after all, everything looks perfect on the screen. But how many of us have paid money for something, only to be […]