Ultimate Guide: How To Put On A Wig

How To Put A Wig On? (2022) Everyday we meet women who are just learning how to a put on a wig for the first time. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, the #1 Chicago Wigs Store for women with hair loss, we count it as an honor to help new wig wearers perfect the art of […]

Barbecuing in a Wig – Not a Good Idea!

Barbecuing in a Wig – Not a Good Idea! If you wear a wig due to alopecia, cancer treatment, or thinning hair you may be wondering if barbecuing in a wig is going to present a problem. It depends on the kind of wig you wear. In this blog we are referring strictly to synthetic […]

Highlight Wig: How to Color a Wig

Highlight Wig Chrysalis Custom Hair creates a custom highlight wig for women with hair loss. Highlight wigs are common for women who want to update their look with custom wigs. And though nothing builds confidence more than having a fresh hairstyle, there are a few things you should know before you highlight a wig at home. […]

Human Hair Wig -Can My Regular Stylist Cut It?

Where Can I Get My Wig Cut Near Me? At Chrysalis Custom Hair, one of our frequently asked questions is “can my regular stylist cut my wig?” with a follow up question “where can I get my wig cut?” Human hair wigs seem just like your regular biological hair, and it would makes sense to […]

Wig Brush – What Kind Should I Use?

What Wig Brush Should I Use? What kind of wig brush should I use? Chrysalis Custom Hair highlights the important aspects of caring for custom wigs like a cancer wig, including brushing, washing, and styling. If you have recently purchased a wig, you probably have questions about how to properly care for it. One of the questions that […]

Applying Makeup In a Wig

Makeup Before or After Wig? Applying makeup in a wig can be a bit confusing but hopefully our tips and tricks will help you figure out the best way of doing this. As you adjust to wearing a wig for the first time or during cancer treatment, you may wonder how your wig is going […]

Argan Oil on a Wig

Argan Oil For Human Hair Wigs At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we recommend you use Argan Oil on your human hair wig to condition it. Because your wig does not receive moisture from the natural oils on your scalp, the way that your natural hair would, custom wigs can become dry and stiff with the change […]

Tuck Your Wig Behind Your Ears

Can You Tuck Your Wig Behind Your Ears? Yes. You can tuck your custom wig behind your ears. Since you will likely wear your wig on a regular basis, you may be wondering if you can tuck your wig behind your ears? Will it retain the natural look that helps ensure no one will know […]

Wig Shampoo

Wig Shampoo vs Regular Shampoo on a Wig At Chrysalis Custom Hair we help wig owners care for their custom wigs, and one of the first areas is using the appropriate shampoo. The question is often asked, “do I need to use wig shampoo or can I use regular shampoo on my wig?” It is […]

Argan Oil on Human Hair Wigs

Use Argan oil on human hair wigs to keep them moist and supple. Caring for a human hair wig means providing moisture for the hair. Hair that is naturally growing has its moisture needs met with the oils produced by the scalp. Therefore, is necessary to moisturize wigs with a lightweight, natural oil. Argan oil is the […]