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Wig Shampoo- Regular Shampoo on a Wig?

Must I use wig shampoo on my wig or can I just use the brand that I use on my natural hair for cleaning wigs? Wig shampoo is made for wigs just like upholstery shampoo is made for upholstery. You wouldn’t use hair shampoo on your sofa. Do not use anything other than wig shampoo […]

Dry Scalp From Chemotherapy

One of the side effects that many women experience during cancer treatments is an itchy, dry scalp from chemotherapy. Having a dry scalp is common, but it is also annoying and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help relieve this. One of the main things that will exacerbate a dry […]

Wig Shampoo: Do I Need Special Shampoo

  One of the most essential parts of maintaining your cancer wig is keeping it clean. If you are new to wearing wigs, this process may be a mystery to you, and you probably have a lot of questions. How often do you clean it? What does the cleaning process involve? Do you need any special tools? […]