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Cancer can try to steal your sense of beauty, but nothing can truly take your beauty from you. Beauty is so much more than a certain body type, skin color, complexion or hairstyle. Beauty is about inner confidence and the belief that you are valuable and lovely. Finding a good wig for cancer patients is […]

Buy A Wig Online

Buying a Wig Online vs. A Wig Shop   You Get to See and Feel Your Wig Before You Buy It Have you ever bought a shirt online, only to have it delivered and think, “this looks nothing like it did online”? Unfortunately, if you buy a wig online, the odds are you will be […]

Red Wigs are Difficult but Challenging

Red wigs are a challenge for wig makers to get right. Women with naturally red hair or dyed red hair love to wear it loud and proud. It is unique and beautiful. But when it comes to creating a red chemo wig that matches your hair color, it’s only natural to be a little skeptical. […]

Radiation Hair Loss

If you have just received a cancer diagnosis, as a woman, one thing you will probably begin to worry about is the loss of your hair, perhaps through radiation hair loss. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, our sole mission is to help women like you maintain a sense of normalcy throughout their treatment—feeling beautiful and confident […]

Sleep in a Wig

You might be wondering if it is ok to sleep in a wig. While we don’t recommend sleeping in a wig, the occasional nap is not going to destroy it. We know chemotherapy treatments can be draining and sometimes what you think is just going to be resting your eyes for a minute turns into […]

Febreze on a Wig

You may have heard from friends or even read somewhere that Febreze on a wig works to freshen wigs just like it freshens couches, curtains, carpets, and more. The truth is that Febreze on a wig is not a good option for freshening your wig because it is too harsh for your scalp and hard on […]

Wig Shop for Cancer Patients

A woman experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy has very different needs than a woman who wants to change-up her look with a new hairstyle. They may both be shopping for a wig, but they should not be shopping in the same place. Not every wig shop is the same. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we carry exclusively wigs for cancer patients. What […]