Frequently Asked Hair Loss Questions

Will I lose my hair from cancer treatment?

If your treatment involves chemotherapy, you will likely experience hair loss. The amount of hair loss is dependent on what drugs your doctor decides are  best for you.

When will my chemotherapy hair loss begin?

Hair loss from cancer treatment can begin as early as three  days after your first treatment, but most often occurs during the second week after your initial treatment.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a wig?

Insurance companies will often cover costs for your cancer wig. Call your insurance company and ask them if they reimburse for a cranial prosthesis. DON’T SAY “WIG” – wigs are fashion items, whereas  cranial prostheses are medically necessary. Chrysalis Custom Hair will provide you with all of the paperwork necessary to submit your purchase to your insurance company for reimbursement. Learn more.

When should I buy a wig due to hair loss?

If possible, get a wig or head covering before you begin treatment. Once you begin treatment, you may not feel up to shopping. Bear in mind that, prior to hair loss, your head has always had hair to act as a buffer between your scalp and the elements. It must be covered to avoid irritation and keep you warm.

How long does it take to select a wig, and get it fitted and styled?

Often, because of our extensive inventory, we are able to get your cancer wig fitted and styled all in a two-hour appointment. If you chose to have a wig colored with custom highlights or lowlights, a return visit will be necessary.

Will losing hair due to chemotherapy hair loss hurt?

Hair loss from cancer treatment is usually not painful. Often one’s scalp is dry and sensitive because chemotherapy damages the glands that produce natural oils.

Will people be able to tell that I’m wearing a wig?

That depends on the type you choose. When you purchase a wig for cancer patients at Chrysalis Custom Hair, we can match your exact shade, color and cut so no one except you and those you choose to tell know you’re wearing a wig.

Should I get more than one cancer wig?

Many people like to have more than one wig so that one is always clean, styled and ready to go.

Can I wear my wig at the gym?

Yes, but you may not want to. Often, women find it more comfortable to wear a hat with “hair” attached or a cute wrap with a partial piece to the gym.

When will my hair grow back?

Depending on the type and duration of your treatment some hair growth may be seen approximately three  months after your cancer treatment has finished.

So, my hair will grow back three months after I finish treatment?

Chemotherapy damages hair follicles. Follicles control the color and texture of your hair. When the follicle is damaged, the new hair is often an unusual texture or color. It takes approximately nine  months of growth to see if the follicle is permanently damaged or if it will repair itself.