One of the Best Skin Care Lines for Women Undergoing Cancer Treatment

We’re focused on providing you the best hair, and also care for what’s underneath – your scalp. Our skincare line has been clinically shown by Northwestern University to reduce skin toxicity due to cancer treatment*.

Skin Care Products and Accessories

Our line is hypoallergenic. It contains no harsh chemicals, dyes or perfumes, and provides moisture to reduce the effects of treatment. A preventative gentle skincare regime, including our cleansers, moisturizers, and cooling packs, prevents  or minimizes the harsh effects on skin from radiation or chemotherapy.

We have a wide variety of fleece-lined hats, silk scarves and soft cotton sleep caps specially designed for women experiencing hair loss. Our fashionable headwear is designed to protect your scalp and keep your head warm. Shielding your scalp from the elements in Chicago is important because skin is often tender and sensitive during cancer treatment. Keeping it moisturized and covered is critical in warding off the effects of temperature extremes outside, as well as heat and air conditioning inside.