Custom Wig Services for Cancer Patients in Chicago

Custom Wigs and Consultations

Chrysalis Custom Hair is committed to meeting the needs of Chicago women experiencing hair loss from cancer treatment. From cancer wigs to other products and accessories, we provide the kind of services and support that make all the difference for patients. We advise clients one-on-one and will accommodate your busy schedule. Our staff will help you select the perfect fit, shade and texture for you and your lifestyle.

What to expect:

  • We provide one-on-one consultations
  • We help you find the perfect fit, texture and shade
  • No-obligation private appointments

Get the Custom Touch

When you need a beautiful wig that fits you perfectly, Chrysalis Custom Hair is the private hair salon for cancer patients that you can trust. We go above and beyond with each wig fitting, helping clients find just the right high-end wigs that work for them. In your free, no-obligation, private appointment, you will get the chance to discuss possibilities, talk to us about questions and more. We specialize in a custom touch where picking a new wig is an enjoyable, boutique experience catered to you.

Ready to begin? Contact us today at 844-384-9447 for more information and to schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultation!

Cancer Wig Fitting & Styling

Our salon services include helping you find the right cancer wig from the foundation up. First, we find the best fitting cap that provides the most comfort for your scalp. Certain models may work for some ladies and not others. Once the proper foundation is determined, we focus on perfecting the style. Our custom wigs come in a variety of hair types, from natural human hair wigs to European hair wigs. To learn more about our cancer wigs, click here.

    Our process:

  • First: Find the best fitting cap
  • Second: Find the perfect style
  • Third: Cut, color and highlight

All our products are customized to your exact specifications. We can cut, color and highlight to match your look. Our salon experts are able to match your texture — whether it is straight, wavy or extremely curly. If the cap is too loose, we can do hand alterations to make it fit perfectly. Or, if it’s too tight, we can manually open the seams to fit more comfortably.

Custom Highlights – Art for Your Head!

For clients looking to maintain their signature look, we are able to exactly copy existing highlights and color onto a wig, including root color. Coloring a wig is much different than stopping at a salon for highlights every six to eight weeks. It’s a very specialized process that takes many hours of color matching and artistry. Due to the amount of time each wig takes to get done we usually require at least two weeks to complete it. If you would like to copy your signature high and low lights please plan ahead and book your appointment as soon as possible.

How We Do It

First, we make sure we find a wig that fits your head and lifestyle best. Next, we take photographs of your hair to map out the placement of the highlights and use samples of your current color so that we can make the wig your exact hair color.

Once we have perfectly matched each color, it’s time to start coloring the wig. Generally, the color process for just one wig takes eight or more hours of work. A custom color typically takes two to three weeks to complete. Once the color is perfect, we have you come in for a follow-up appointment where we copy your exact cut and style on the wig.

Our goal  is to have the wig ready when you need it.

CALL US – 844-384-9447 – to get the process started as soon as possible.



Client consultation

Custom Highlights and Root Color