Custom Wigs

Custom Wigs Made with Real Human Hair

Our custom wigs cater to women’s hair loss,  and are made from real human hair to mimic your natural look. Chrysalis Custom Hair utilizes top-tier Remy hair for these stunning wigs, and we also offer high-quality synthetic options. With a vast stock of the finest wigs available daily, you can easily find the perfect wig to have customized.

For the ideal custom wig, we consider your head measurements, tailoring the style, texture, length, and color. At Chrysalis, we operate by appointment only, ensuring a private, interruption-free one-on-one experience. Set up an appointment by calling us or submitting an appointment request online. 

Jo Anne R
Jo Anne R
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I really appreciated that I was asked me to send photos of how I like my hair to look before my consultation so she can prepare some samples to try on. When I arrived I was taken back immediately. The studio is very clean, private and comfortable. Kimberly and the stylist were very professional, kind and informative. I cannot recommend them enough!
Happy Girl
Happy Girl
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My experience with Kimberly and Kristin at Chrysalis Custom Hair was extraordinary and I can not recommend their services highly enough. I called to make an appointment for my friend. They answered my zillions of dumb questions and got my friend set up with a human hair wig within days. She looks beautiful!
Bethany Priester
Bethany Priester
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Excellent experience working with Kimberly and her team! She has a great selection of wigs and I found one right away that I went home with that day. Thank you Chrysalis!

Fitted Wigs for Every Head Size

Custom wigs offer the perfect fit for every different head size. Your wig should neither be too tight or too loose, fitting comfortably on your scalp. It is important to get an accurate measurement of your head so that your custom wig feels more like your natural hair. There are four different head sizes for women’s wigs online; very small (under 20 inches), small (between 20 and 21.5 inches), medium (between 21.5 and 22.5 inches), large (between 22.5 and 24 inches). Most head sizes fall in between measurements, which is why you want a hand-stitched custom fitted wig.

Our wig makers are experts at gathering measurements and creating custom wigs that fit perfectly. Measuring your own head can be tricky. One of the downsides of purchasing wigs online is receiving a wig that doesn’t fit properly. 

Our Custom Wig Process

  • Start by scheduling an appointment
  • When you come in for your private appointment our experts will measure your head because no two heads are the same size. Everything needs to be hand-stitched to fit your head shape. 
  • Next, you’ll try on a series of wigs to find the kind of hair that will look and feel most natural for you.
  • Once you’ve chosen the kind of hair you’d like to wear, our stylists will further customize your wig.
  • Now it’s time to decide if you would like to have your hair highlighted, colored or have curl added. 
  • When you return for your follow-up visit, your new wig is almost complete. While on your head, your stylist will trim and shape your new hair into your unique style.

Custom wigs fit the exact measurement of your head and are cut, colored, and styled according to your preference of human hair or synthetic hair wig. Those who want the most natural look prefer custom made wigs. Depending on your timeline some wigs can be made to include your every specification. Wigs can be all lace, have a widows peak added, or be created on any kind or color of fabric you would like. They can be made to have your own curl pattern whether that is extremely curly or just a little wavy.  Baby hairs can be built in or added on.  You can even have a swirl pattern added if that what you’d like. These ultra custom wigs can take up to 4 months to create. If you need a wig  sooner than that Chrysalis Custom Hair has hundred of custom wigs in stock that have already been sewn together. All that’s left to do is customize it to mimic your color and hair style.

Making a custom wig yourself is challenging, and time consuming. Hand-stitching a wig takes more than 100 hours, costing $1900 or more. The single most important thing you need is to be trained in the highly specialized field of wig making. You will need six bundles of hair at a minimum of 10 inches or more in length, a mesh or lace wig cap, white marker, canvas block, tripod, wig ventilating tools, needle and thread, scissors, and T pins.  Based on the type of hair you’ve chosen, the density selected, the curl pattern, and whether you intend to use a monofilament technique, your wig could take 4-6 months to complete. 
The cost of custom human hair wigs in 2023 starts at around $2000 but can be as high as $20,000 for the finest quality Remy human hair wigs.  It’s important to make sure you are dealing with a reputable wig company.  Many online wig companies, especially overseas, will accept a down payment and then never deliver the product. The same companies may deliver a wig that is not the right color or type of hair. Often they promise a 7 day return policy but will not answer the phone to give you the return code. It is best to find a wig store where you can try on the wigs and have them fitted and cut while you are wearing it. 

A number of online wig shops offer custom wigs. They will attempt to help you get the right measurements and show you wigs virtually.  These wigs, once made, are not returnable and the companies will not offer further assistance once you have received the product. Most novices, even with guidance, are not able to get accurate measurements for a perfect fit. Without seeing, touching, and trying on the hair there is no way to tell if it is going to pass as natural looking. Online stores use special lighting to hide flaws such as hair that is too shiny or thick and thus looks “wiggy”.  You can certainly get a cheaper wig by ordering online but be prepared to accept that the product that may not be what you were hoping for. 

Is it possible to make a wig from your own hair? In short, NO.  It takes approximately 6 bundles of hair to make a hand tied wig. The hair needs to be all the same kind of hair. The bundles need to be properly cleaned and sanitized.  Then it takes about 100 hours of labor to tie the hair into the wig. The hair needs to be at least 4 inches longer than the length you want. This is because the wig has to have returns. Returns are the pieces of hair the that fold over the knots. Without returns your wig would have “sprouts” that stick straight up. When seeking to purchase a wig it is wise to inquire about the returns. Any wig with returns less than 3 inches long should be avoided. The only time a wig may have short returns is on a wig that is less than 3 inches long. 

Auburn chin length hair front and side view
As a professional trainer, I travel and train university administrators and faculty. Standing in front of others is part of how I make a living. I knew I needed much more than the average wig you could find online. I needed my hair… a unique color of red. Matching the color was going to be impossible but I was not giving up.I found Chrysalis Custom Hair while frantically searching the internet. Finding this salon was nothing short of the miracle. They matched not only my hair color, but the texture and length as well. The stylist created an identical match to my color, cut, and style. The environment is amazing with a beautiful presentation of options and information.
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