Cranial Prosthesis Insurance Coverage


Better Known as a Cancer Wig, Cranial Prosthesis May Be Covered by Your Insurance

One of the first questions Chrysalis Custom Hair gets asked when someone is looking for a cancer wig is if the purchase of a wig due to cancer treatment related hair loss is covered by insurance. The answer to this question will depend on your personal insurance policy, but we do have tips to ensure that if cranial prosthesis (aka wig) is covered by insurance, you will get the full reimbursement designated by your insurance carrier.


Steps You Should Take


  • FIRST: Obtain a prescription for a cranial prosthesis from your doctor.
  • SECOND: Call your insurance company and ask if they reimburse for cranial prosthesis. Do not use the term, “wig.” A wig is a fashion item and is therefore not medically necessary.
  • THIRD: Call us to make an appointment for a no-obligation complimentary consultation. We will get you set up with a customized wig that looks so much like your real hair, no one will know it’s a wig unless you choose to tell them – 844-384-9447.

We issue detailed receipts complete with medical coding. This receipt is then sent to the insurance company. Often our clients are reimbursed for the entire cost of their wig.

Soon thereafter you will get a check from your insurance company. It’s as simple as that!

Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.