Our Team

Our Team Of All Female Wig Experts And Support Specialists

The Chrysalis team of all female wig experts and support specialists understand the needs of women with hair loss such as cancer treatmentthinning hair due to aging or hormones, alopecia and many others.  No matter what the reason for hair loss, our team wants everyone to leave as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside!

Chrysalis Custom Hair is a uniquely feminine space where women can come to have their hair loss related needs met in a private setting. It’s difficult enough to be going through hair loss without being in an intimidating salon environment, with bright lighting and large public spaces.

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The Owner

The owner, Kimberly Johnson is a native Chicagoan. When a close friend was diagnosed with cancer, she realized there were plenty of places dedicated to men’s hair loss issues, but none specifically for women

It all started when I met Noelle. Noelle has amazing hair. It is big, blonde and spiral-curled. Amazing! While out with friends one night, I squeezed my way through the crowd to tell her how cool her hair looked. Going out of my way to tell another woman how cute she looked changed my life.

Noelle had gone through chemotherapy not long before, and had lost her hair. What grew back was the wild, curly hair I saw that night. She and her two friends were all young cancer survivors and were now either employed by or volunteering a cancer support organization.

Soon after meeting Noelle, I began volunteering and also took a job with a salon specializing in medical hair loss. After seeing the difficulties and embarrassment many women endured while trying to resolve their hair loss issues, I decided there had to be a better way. I wanted to create a healing space where ladies seeking to maintain their looks would feel welcome and safe. A private place to shop for the most important element in a woman’s look… her hair. Only a woman can understand how frustrating a bad hair day can be. I’d like you to have only good hair days so you can focus on your daily life.