Wigs For Chemo Patients

Chemo Wigs

Chrysalis Custom Hair is Chicago’s trusted choice to find wigs for chemo patients. Though not all chemotherapy causes hair loss, we have walked alongside hundreds of women facing alopecia because of cancer treatment. It is our passion to see you discover the most comfortable and attractive chemo wigs, scarves, and hats, as you navigate the course of your chemotherapy. Our chemo wig specialists will help you find the right custom wig to recreate your unique hairstyle.

Our consultations are private and by-appointment-only so that you have one-one-one attention with your wig stylist. You’ll have time to explore wig caps for comfort, as well as trying on multiple human hair and synthetic hair wigs for style, color, length, and texture. Equipped with your preferences, we can custom design the perfect wig for you. Most women wear their chemotherapy wig for at least a year, to a year-and-a-half. Your custom wig can be designed anytime, before, during or after, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Call us directly or schedule a consultation online. 

Eileen Chang
Eileen Chang
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Losing your hair to cancer is one of the most emotionally devastating things to go through. I was worried about not looking like myself after going through treatment. However, after meeting Kimberly and going to Chrysalis, losing my hair was significantly less traumatic because she was able to make a wig that looked exactly like my hair, down to the highlights and layered cut. I could not have asked for anything more. She was very thorough and attentive to every detail of my hair. My own family said that if they did not know I was wearing a wig, they would never guess. My girlfriends were shocked when I told them I was wearing a wig because it looked exactly like myself. This is significantly more money than a synthetic wig that you could buy off the internet, but if you are able to afford it, I would highly recommend Chrysalis and Kimberly.
Anthony Bafaloukos
Anthony Bafaloukos
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Thanks Chrysalis! My Mom couldn't be happier with her wig. As a cancer patient, your services kept her spirits at the highest levels. Her mental stability is key to her health and survival. She loves the look and quality of her wig.
Jill Becker
Jill Becker
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I’m in awe of this place!!! From the individualized service, to the excellent communication, to amazing covid protocols, I just felt so well taken care of. While going through chemotherapy treatments, it’s important to me that I protect my health and I was able to book an appointment and be the only one in the shop at a time. Both the owner and hairstylist wore masks and distanced as often as they could. They also were so patient with me as my head is on the smaller size. The hairstylist took in my custom ordered wig on the spot and made sure it fit well before I left. She even cut and styled my wig to make me feel most like myself again!! I soooo recommend Chrysalis to anyone who is looking for a wig. They made me feel so incredibly happy!!! The pictures attached are before and after pictures. The one of me in front of the window is my wig. The picture of me with a pink zip up is my real hair. They did an incredible job matching to my hair!!!!

Best Wigs for Chemo Patients

As you might expect, there are many factors in determining the best wigs for chemo patients. One of the first steps our clients take is to choose between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs (read about the benefits of each style below). Whichever style you prefer, we custom design the softest wig cap for your ultimate comfort. We have hundreds of wigs available and in-stock everyday. 

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we use only the finest materials available to customize the fit of your wig cap. We hand stitch each wig cap so your wig fits securely without the use of adhesives. Our chemo wig makers do not use wig tape or glue on your skin while you are in treatment, as these may cause irritation.

Benefits of Human Hair Chemo Wigs

Human hair wigs are excellent for women looking to recreate their natural hair style. Our chemo wig clients describe human hair wigs as light, comfortable, and natural-looking. The finest quality of human hair wigs is Remy hair, which is hair collected in bundles as it is cut, keeping the cuticles of the hair running in the same direction. With your hair cuticles traveling in the same direction, your hair is less likely to tangle or matte. Though human hair wigs are more expensive, they provide maximum softness and natural movement to simulate your biological hair. 

Benefits of Synthetic Hair Chemo Wigs

Synthetic hair is another option for chemo patients. Our clients describe our synthetic wigs as easy-to-maintain, and light-weight. Our wig experts are able to shape and mold a synthetic wig. Your wig will maintain its style even in changing temperatures or after washing. Synthetic wigs do not have the same lifespan as human hair wigs, but they are a more affordable option.

About Chemotherapy and Radiation Hair Loss

Chemotherapy treatment attacks rapidly growing cancer cells, and may also attack other growing cells, like in the roots of your hair. Radiation therapy uses beams of intense energy to kill cancer cells, that may also affect healthy cell growth, like hair follicles. Not all chemotherapy and radiation will cause women’s hair loss. If hair loss occurs, it typically begins falling out two to four weeks after you have begun cancer treatment. During cancer treatment, hair loss may happen gradually with loose hair on your pillows, or quickly with large clumps of hair coming out at once. 

When you learn that you will need chemotherapy or radiation, consult your doctor to learn whether your treatment will cause hair loss. If your cancer treatments will cause hair loss, schedule a consultation with a chemo wigs specialist as soon as possible. If you live in the Chicago Metropolitan area, call Chrysalis Custom Hair today to make an appointment. We’re here for you and one of our staff members will get back to you quickly.


Remy monofilament human hair wigs are the best wigs for patients undergoing chemotherapy. They afford the greatest flexibility for comfort and styling, allowing maximum breathability and the opportunity to be straightened, waved or curled. 

Chemo patients should choose a wig store that understands the complexities of wearing a wig while going through cancer treatment. Skin becomes very fragile, therefore, adhesives cannot be used. For a wig to stay in place and look natural–without the use of adhesives–it needs to be hand-stitched to fit perfectly.

No. Hair regrowth begins about 4 to 6 weeks after completion of chemotherapy. Wearing a wig while hair grows back will not stop it from coming back. More on wigs and hair growth.

Woman wearing a wig that looks exactly like her natural hair

How to Prepare for Chemo Hair Loss

At Chrysalis Custom Hair we specialize in creating custom wigs for women's hair loss caused by cancer treatments. If you are anticipating or experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy, there are several steps you can take to begin transitioning into a beautiful custom wig.

1. Talk to your doctor about the kind of chemotherapy or radiation you'll be receiving and ask your medical team if you should expect to experience hair loss or thinning. and discern the likelihood that you will have hair loss.

2. Schedule a consultation with a chemo wig specialist, like Chrysalis Custom Hair.

3. Gather a few pictures of a day that you liked the way your hair looked i.e. family function or dinner out. It's always helpful to have photos for reference.

4. Try on wigs to choose a custom wig that best reflects your natural style (or new style).

5. When your hair begins to fall out more aggressively, consider having your head shaved. We recommend working with a licensed hair stylist.

6. In between cancer treatments, some of your natural hair may begin to grow back and then fall out again. This is a normal part of the course of chemotherapy.