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Chrysalis Custom Hair is a wig store that creates custom wigs for women with hair loss. By Appointment Only.

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Look amazing with luxurious hair that makes you feel like you again! No matter what the reason for hair loss, our team wants everyone to leave as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Make an appointment for your consultation today.

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We’re honored to be considered one of the best wigs shops in Chicago, and can help you select the perfect fit, shade, and texture for your lifestyle.

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Wigs for Cancer Patients

Enjoy a stress-free experience at Chicagoland’s only private wig shop offering wigs for cancer patients.

Wigs for Women

When you’re looking for the best wigs stores Chicago has for medical hair loss, we’re here with womens wigs near me going through medical hair loss.

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The Chrysalis team of all female wig experts and support specialists who understand the needs of women with hair loss such as cancer treatment, thinning hair due to aging or hormones, alopecia and many others. No matter what the reason for hair loss, our team wants everyone to leave as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. 

Chrysalis Custom Hair is a uniquely feminine space where women can come to have their hair loss related needs met in a private setting. It’s difficult enough to be going through hair loss without being in an intimidating salon environment, with large public spaces and bright lighting, like some Chicago wig shops. Rest assured, we’re here to put you at ease in a safe, loving atmosphere. Schedule a wig consultation today or visit our online resources including Ultimate Guide: How To Put On A Wig, Wig Shampoo vs Regular Shampoo, and much more.

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A beautiful head of hair that a custom wig provides is invaluable in feeling better on a daily basis. If you are considering where to buy wigs, Chrysalis Custom Hair carries an extensive collection of hair textures, lengths, colors and styles. Discover the wigs Chicago loves, with a wide variety of options.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs can be cut, colored, and styled to mirror your own hair. You can use curling irons, flat irons, and even put the hair into a ponytail. 

Cancer Wigs

Cancer Wigs use only the finest materials available for a realistic custom wig that is beautiful and comfortable. Perfect wigs for chemo patients fit without adhesives.

Remy Hair Wigs

Remy hair, which is human hair, comes in a large variety of colors, often with highlights already added. This kind of wig hair often includes root color as well.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are made with a type of memory fiber that holds its style even after washing, and are the most effortless option for a wig.


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The cost of a wig can range from as little as $15 for costume wigs online, to as much as $3000 plus for natural human hair wigs online. The price of a wig is influenced by the material used in making the wig (synthetic vs human hair), the quality and length of the hair used, and whether the wig is manufactured or custom made and personalized for style, texture, color, length, and fit. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we create custom wigs for women that are made from the best materials for human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

Hand tied wigs are always going to look more realistic. For longer hair a human hair wig will always look most realistic. It “floats” when you turn your head and blows around naturally in the wind. For short hair often a high quality synthetic wig will work better. Just like your own hair neither will blow off once it is fitted to your head.

A good human hair wig begins around $800 from an online store and scales up to $10,000 or more for custom made wigs. Human hair wigs can require up to 6 bundles of hair to create, and cost more because they are in lower supply than fabricated synthetic wigs. Less expensive human hair wigs are made from scraps of donated human hair that is more coarse, which is sewn by a machine into nylon caps for a bushy fullness that can look more wiggy and be less comfortable to wear. Beginning at $2000, human hair wigs are made from a higher quality of hair, called Virgin Remy human hair, where the hair donors have long, full and healthy hair that is chemically unprocessed at the time of collection and faces in the same direction with roots at one side and ends at the other. The finer human hair of more expensive human hair wigs is also hand-tied into the cap base which affords greater comfort and creates a more realistic appearance of an all-natural head of hair with no mechanical stitching or wefts.

It’s not necessarily about brand but about the quality of the hair and the construction of the wig. Choose a store or company that supplies high quality hair that can be customized to your style, fit, and comfort. Cheaper wig brands sell lesser quality hair with inexpensive fabric in the cap that is poorly constructed and looks “wiggy”. 

A high quality human hair wig is made of hair that is hand selected. It usually takes 6 identical bundles of hair to create a wig. Finding hair that is the same type, length, and texture is difficult, and the hair needs to be at least four inches longer than you want the wig to be in order to have enough to tie it into the cap. The human hair is then hand-tied into the softest wig cap with the hairs tied in the same direction so that all the hairs move in unison, just like biological hair. A hand-tied wig takes about 100 man power hours to stitch together and this is why they are much more expensive. Additionally, human hair wigs are often customized for color, style, and length by a professional in an intensive process that meticulously blends six similar but unique bundles of hair into one seamless and natural look. Unifying the coloring of a wig is essential before the wig is worn in sunlight or other damaging weather conditions because the elements can otherwise cause the hair to become brittle and break off, or make the color uneven. We do not recommend you color a wig at home using box dye either, as it will stain the cap and the lace front, which ruins the wig. 

Human hair wigs are the most natural looking wigs, and for the best suppliers, explore stores and brands with the highest quality of Remy human hair and hand-tied stitching into the cap, which creates the most realistic appearance of natural hair.

Your wig has a good quality if it fits like a glove and the material is not itchy or scratching your scalp. You should not need to wear a cap underneath as a barrier so that your scalp doesn’t itch.

Human hair wigs should feel soft. The hair should be Remy meaning it all runs in the same direction. Wigs sold as “Human Hair Wigs” that are not Remy will be coarse and they tend to knot or bunch up.

Lower quality synthetic wigs are very shiny, uncomfortable, and look like unnatural hair.

The most comfortable wig to wear is made of the highest quality fabric. This is often a hand-tied wig made of human hair that is soft, has stretch, and fits securely. That said, high quality synthetic wigs can also be very comfortable. While the most comfortable wigs to wear are those made from the best materials, cheap wigs made from poor quality materials are hot, itchy, and uncomfortable.

 High quality synthetic wigs can start around $600 and with customization can scale up to $2500. The lower pricing is for synthetic wigs that come directly out of the packaging, while the higher pricing is for synthetic wigs that are customized to look almost like natural hair where the part is moved with a professional wig tool. Changing the part on a synthetic wig is done by a certified wig expert, who can also add bangs, layers, and curls as well as change or taper the length of the synthetic hair. 

No, wearing a wig doesn’t stop your hair from growing any more than jeans stop leg hair from growing. More on wigs and hair growth.   

Wig wearers need to be careful about how the wig stays in place. If glue or tape is used it could pull out new growth. If clips are used the constant tugging can cause the hair under the clips to break off. 

A woman should have as many wigs as she’d like. Wigs can boost self confidence and make a woman feel pretty. If a woman is going through hair loss due to cancer, thinning, alopecia, or other hair loss disorder, it’s best to invest in at least one high quality wig and possibly more as alternates or for different looks.

Advantages:  There is no need to wash and style your hair every day before you go out. You can just put a wig right over your bio hair and be ready to head out. Synthetic wigs and human hair wigs are only washed approximately every three weeks of wear.  You can drop your hair off and have it styled while you go have lunch. The humidity won’t change your style. You can change your color or style without a long term commitment or wrecking your biological hair with bleach or dyes.

Disadvantages: Some wigs require application. This kind of wig needs to be installed by a professional. Then it needs to be removed and cleaned and reapplied by a professional. If you have a lot of hair under your wig it could look bulky or be quite warm. 

Choose a wig that fits comfortably and makes you feel beautiful. For a longer lasting wig choose a human hair wig. For a less expensive wig choose a synthetic wig. Wigs are as easy to wear as a pair of jeans. Once you learn how to put it on it becomes second nature.

Yes! If it looks too good to be their real hair it’s likely a wig. 

Yes absolutely! Wigs that fit should not irritate your head or inhibit hair growth. Wearing wigs allows you the opportunity to change your color and style frequently or just give your hair “a rest” from bleach and dyes.

Yes, wigs (called cranial prosthesis, for medical purposes) are covered by insurance if they are designated as medically necessary. Not all forms of hair loss are medically related, and some insurance companies have exclusions for wigs. The best way to find out if you have coverage is to ask your doctor for a written prescription for your medically related hair loss, then call your insurance provider.

In our experience, yes, cancer patients do have a benefit for a wig. In medical terminology, a custom wig for a cancer patient is known as a cranial prothesis. The first step is to get a prescription from you oncologist with the proper CPT codes. Then call your insurance provider and ask if you have a benefit for a cranial prothesis. When you do have a cranial prothesis benefit you can file a gap exception form and name Chrysalis Custom Hair as your provider. Learn more about how to get a wig covered by insurance and CPT codes or NPI numbers. Once you have confirmed insurance coverage, you will typically file for reimbursement after you purchase and pick up your Chrysalis Wig. Chrysalis does not work directly with any insurance company and can not provide diagnostic codes or NPI numbers.

Yes and no. The underlying cause of alopecia will determine whether a wig is covered under an insurance policy. Alopecia is a general term for hair loss and is not considered a medical related condition coverable by insurance, however there are many forms and causes for alopecia that are considered medical health problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid disease, cancer, and Trichotillomania. In the case where alopecia is caused by a medical related condition, you’re often eligible for insurance coverage for a cranial prothesis (also known as a wig). Speak to your doctor to clarify that your alopecia is medically related. If so, you can always request a prescription with the proper CPT code for your form of alopecia. With your medical code, then ask your insurance if coverage is offered for a cranial prothesis (custom wig).

Amazon can be great for costume wigs, but is not great for custom wigs and high quality wigs. If you want a custom wig for women that is comfortable, lasts for years, and looks like natural hair, we recommend Chrysalis Custom Hair.

If you are ordering a wig online there should be a sizing guide available. Most wigs come in petite, average, and large. Most heads, however, are somewhere in between these basic sizes. At Chrysalis all wigs are sewn by hand for a perfect fit.

If you are visiting a wig store with a retail location  they should be able to measure your head and make sure the wig you like is sized correctly. It is always best to try on a wig before buying it.